Thursday, July 21, 2011

Benefits of Colloidal Silver

We know that we have heard for years that Colloidal Silver is bad and good.  Well which is it.

You tell me.

I know that I got stung by an insect (not sure of the type)  yesterday and I used our Colloidal Silver gel.  It immediately took the sting out and reduced the swelling.  I know that when I get a pimple or a spider bite (we have lots of spiders) it helps heal and reduces swelling. I know if I have a cut or a scrap I put it on and it make it heal faster.  I know if I itch or have a sunburn it feels great and helps it heal. 

I suppose if you drank it in large quantities you would turn a color, but I don't.  So Don't....

This is a peek at our gel.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The New Soap Studio

   The new drawer system for optimal organization....
"The Cave" is what we call it.

The hubby hard at work or is it hardly workin'.

We are so excited to have this in our new home.  A soap spot just for MWA....(that's me).

Doug has been busting his tail and probably lost 10 lbs working on this beast.  We only wanted to do carpet and paint....well some new walls and a room won't hurt.  Right?  More pic's later.