Monday, May 24, 2010

Trip to Mom's

It was a short trip to mom's.  Just over night but I love going over there.  I am such a Mama's girl.  I love working with her.  She is smart, funny, doting and loves to be creative.  She hates her computer and printer (some times), she gets frustrated when she forgets what she just wanted to do (don't we all).  I would say she is a great mom!  I love you Mama!

Mom making soap.

Spring Lavender

This is the beautiful lavender from the front of Mom's house.  In the summer it is an absolutely breath taking site and smell.  She has Rosemary bushes that are huge, I love to go stick my face, my hands and just breath deep.

The baby Willow

Margie and Willow last summer.
She and her sister Scarlett are as big as their 3 year old Mama...Good Clean Healthy Livin', I figure.

Vinegar the Multipurpose Helper

"Did you know that putting white vinegar in your fabric softener dispenser in your washer will give your clothes a fresh scent. And it washes out all the residue from those dryer sheets you've been using. And, no, your clothes won't smell like pickles!

Don't forget you can get your laundry detergent that contains no phosphates from the Caprine table at the Prosser Farmer's Market on Saturdays."

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Added some pictures to web site

Hey we added some picts to the web site.  It looks totally cute.  I added prices and a disclosure.  I cannot believe that I did this all myself.  Mom is working hard, soaping and shipping.

If this is my job, I love it.

Monday, May 17, 2010

look this is from my phone.

I am posting this from my phone. wow technology is incredible

I did it! I did it!

Our web site is up and running yeah!

I have been working hard and I am so happy it is up and running.  I will be working on the ording on line in a few days.  I am so so excited. 

Take a peek and tell me what you think...honesty is great!  This way I can make it look good for the world to see.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

The weekend is over already?

I know that is a very funny thing to say, but holly cow.  It is Sunday night and it is already the end of my nice weekend.  Busy but nice.  On Friday night I made all my lotions for the market, the CS gel and got the van packed for the Market.  Saturday was an awesome day weather wise and market wise.  The people were nice, they arrived later, I believe they were late because they needed to get chores done before the heat came.  I think it made it to 85 or so.  Clarissa and I ate at the Villa Cafe in Prosser, very good by the way.
They we came home unloaded because it was so hot I already had one lotion explode, I did not want another. Doug and I went for a swim....oh that felt great!  The in-laws came over from Morton (I've got great in laws) and spent the night.  Today I made more laundry soap another 15 gallons, got my Lye water made for soap this week.  (I am out of a lot of soaps)  "Bad Girl", I say!  Went to pre-measure my oils and I only have enough for 1 batch...poop.  I have to go see mom now (YEAH!).  She is making me some soap too.

So now I am finally pouring myself into my bed, exhausted and ready to go to work tomorrow and rest up for the weekend.  Oh, I start piano tomorrow....

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Above: Soaps, Lotions, Hand Soaps etc.
It is really cool that I can make any scent you want.
I have been making the scents match our bar soaps for a "SET" collection.

Bar Soap
2 oz hand lotion
2 oz liquid soap
$15.00 not bad price

I've been working hard

Here are a few pictures of the things I have been working on.

My all natural laundry soap!  Made it for HE machines but works well in the regular machines.

Whirlwind! Dorothy we are not in Kansas any more!

Well the Prosser Farmers Market started. What a great start to the season. Our products are so well received. We are selling our bar soap, lotions in 3 kinds, body sprays, room sprays, liquid hand soap and shampoo. I am also making laundry soap too. That is a nice seller. I am feeling a bit over whelmed. But it will all work out in the end.

There is always something else I want to make or invent. I met with the SBDC on my business plan, got great information. You know it is FREE, they are funded by the local colleges and the gov. to help small business start and even grow. I also work there so I get to see this stuff in action. WOW

If you have a small business this is the place to go, even if you don't have any issues.

As the third Saturday of the market approaches, I wait with anticipation of another fabulous day and day of sales. Kisses